Using the Law to Reinvest Talented Ex-Convicts, Nwoko Says

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The National Talent Rehabilitation and Integration Act” is a bill that Senator Ned Nwoko of Delta North has introduced in an effort to put ex-offenders’ abilities to good use.

There may be some connection between the plan and the recent arrest and release of those associated with the illegal arms factory found in the Onicha-Olona community of Delta State.

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This came after the senator recently met with the Brigade Commander at 63 Brigade Asaba’s headquarters to propose becoming involved in a case that primarily involved one family.

The member emphasized that the proposal will prioritize both rehabilitation and lawful and constructive endeavors, while also recommending the government to refocus the suspects’ talents.

I propose we call this bill the “National Talent Rehabilitation and Integration Act.” In addition to rehabilitating ex-offenders, this bill would encourage the public to make use of rehabilitated individuals’ abilities.

According to Nwoko, the agency would help people who have engaged in illegal activities move on to more lawful and constructive pursuits, which will contribute in their rehabilitation and the development of the country as a whole.

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