Updated Tariff AEDC Announces System Defects, Will Reimburse Overcharges

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Former Band A consumers who were charged the new cost of N225 Per Kilowatt Hour would soon receive a refund, according to the Abuja Electricity Distribution (AEDC).
On Thursday, the power distribution company’s management took to its X handle to address the issue of Band A customers who attempted to recharge their meters after the new rate system went into effect and were charged the erroneous amount.

A technology glitch, the notification claims, was to blame for downgrading certain Band A customers to Band B based on the amount of electricity they used in the previous weeks.

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Bring to mind On Wednesday, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) authorized a revision to the Band A rate, increasing it from N68/kWh to N225/kWh.
In a press briefing, the commission’s vice chairman, Musiliu Oseni, revealed the hike and explained that NERC had switched some customers from a “Band A feeder” to a “Band B” after reviewing their electrical supply. He emphasized that this was due to the fact that they were not getting 20 hours of power every day.

Oseni went on to say that the new tariff of N225/kWh will only apply to users on the Band A feeder, who get 20 hours of power every day.
Additionally, AEDC announced that once the issue is fixed, consumers in the Band A category will be able to recharge their meters at the new rate of N225. This will guarantee that they have a minimum supply of 20 hours each day.

Customers of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc (AEDC) franchise were informed that certain Band A customers were charged the erroneous amount when they attempted to recharge their meters after the new tariff regime went into effect.

The downgrading of some Band A customers to Band B is a result of a system error that occurred because of the amount of electrical supply hours enjoyed during the past few weeks.

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