Tinubu Our Economy Is On The Upswing

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Although President Bola Tinubu has admitted that Nigeria is currently dealing with high inflation, he has maintained that the country’s economic indices are generally improving during his presidency.
Members of the APC Presidential Campaign Council and the Independent Campaign Council were invited to Iftar at the State House in Abuja on Wednesday night, during which the president made a speech.

Tinubu reiterated the need of containing inflation in a statement issued by presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale.
But he was hopeful that things are looking well for the economy as a whole.
The President also took the opportunity to reassure the people of Nigeria that they are leading the country’s economy toward long-term growth and widespread prosperity.

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“Things are looking up for the economy. We will succeed in reducing inflation, notwithstanding the difficulties we are facing. While the exchange rate was wildly fluctuating, it appeared as though we were dozing off. However, we worked tirelessly to correct it, and now it is decreasing and improving.

Our revenue is growing, and although borrowing was larger a year ago, we are now reengineering the financial picture. “And we are reclaiming our reputation as a sovereign nation and reestablishing our place among other nations,” President Tinubu declared.

Additionally, the president stated that the Student Loans Re-enactment Bill, which he signed into law, will pave the way out of poverty for children in Nigeria, and that this bodes well for their future.
In the struggle against poverty, education stands alone. The Student Loan Scheme invoice was signed by me today. Think about the kids from low-income families; what about the folks wading through the muck and fishing in the ponds? In what ways can you assure their offspring that things will improve in the years to come? We can only combat poverty by educating people. The president assured the people that their children would have a bright future.

“It is your footwork and footprints that made me the President,” the president acknowledged the PCC and ICC members, praising their diligent efforts leading up to his election. You campaigned for me on a promise of optimism and a positive outcome for Nigerians, just as I ran on the same platform. Many people have high hopes. To get it, I will have to put in a lot of effort. We are traveling on a winding route. We must proceed cautiously. I have been entirely preoccupied with the fact that, failing that, one finds oneself in the jungle.

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