The Governor of Bauchi State Slams Support for Orphans and the Poor

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Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, governor of Bauchi State, has appealed to the well-off Nigerians to look out for the children without parents, the destitute, and others in need.

In his message of goodwill to the people of Bauchi State during Eid-el-Fitr, the governor made this statement.

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It is our moral obligation to follow in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and give up anything of value to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Also, we need to ask Allah, the Most Gracious, to bless our beloved state and nation with lasting peace, unity, and prosperity.

The state’s many diverse religious and ethnic communities will continue to live side by side in harmony because of our administration’s unwavering dedication to this goal. In order to achieve this worthy goal, I humbly want your unwavering patience, collaboration, and support.

You have shown remarkable fortitude and determination in the face of the present economic crisis, which affects the entire country. “You are all aware that the federal government and the state government are working together to alleviate the situation by supplying food as a palliative,” he remarked.

The people of the state can be certain that Governor Mohammed’s administration will keep doing what’s needed to help them.

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