Support Entrepreneurs, Put an End to the Corrupt Palliative Regime AC Advised Tinubu

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The ADC has called on President Tinubu to put an end to the corruption in the palliative regime and provide resources to young people and women who are interested in starting businesses, farming, or working in manufacturing so that they can drive economic growth and create jobs.

The party went on to say that both international and domestic investors will feel more secure as a result of this shift in policy orientation.
This was announced at a news conference by ADC national chairman Ralphs Okey Nwosu. The event took place during a stakeholders meeting that included members of the ADP’s National Working Committee (NWC), Board of Trustees (BOT), and strategic allies.
Among the measures that the Bola Tinubu-led administration’s palliative endeavor, power tariff and gasoline price hikes, and a deteriorating security situation were criticized by the chairman, who lamented the country’s hardship.

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“The palliative system of governance is not an option as it is unhealthy and demeaning,” he declared, echoing his earlier warnings to President Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

It is wicked, sacrilegious, and demeaning for the government to try to fix a policy summersault by instituting a food sharing system in refugee camps. This will cause ill-wind and lead to corruption and frustration.

It has finally dawned on the country that nearly every elected official in the executive and legislative branches is complicit in the insane extravagance of looting, as we warned of yesterday.

Amidst widespread poverty, our lawmakers amass vast sums of money and large quantities of rice to alleviate their constituents’ suffering. Meanwhile, the president, governors, and appointees receive substantial monthly allocations from FACC to fund these ill-gotten relief efforts.

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