Saratu Daso, a Veteran of Kannywood Films, Has Passed Away

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The death has been announced of Saratu Gidado, also known as Daso, a seasoned Kannywood actress.

The entertainment community in Kano State was rocked by the news of her death, which spread through local radio stations in Kano.

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Daso passed away peacefully in her sleep on Tuesday morning, just after midnight, and before the start of the Ramadan fast (Sahur). Her family reported her death to them.

For more than eighteen years, Daso was a mainstay of Hausa cinema. Audiences throughout the Northern region were captivated by her exceptional performances and ability to switch characters. Saratu was a devoted educator before her celebrated acting career.

Fans and colleagues alike are grieving the loss of a much-loved artist on the news of her passing. Her funeral is set around 4:00pm, and tributes from all over the entertainment industry have been pouring in as preparations get underway.

She was a devoted mother and wife despite her fame in Hollywood. She was an inspiration to many Kannywood artists and actresses because of her perseverance and commitment to her profession.

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