Peace and Unity Among Nigerians Urged by Bauchi Governor

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At a time when unity and peace are more needed than ever before, Governor Bala Mohammed has urged the people of Bauchi to put aside their differences and live in harmony with one another, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.
In a statement commemorating Good Friday and Easter Monday, the governor emphasized the importance of allowing peace to prevail so that Nigerians can go forward united, regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds. This message was signed by the governor’s media aide, Mukhtar M. Gidado.

Love, forgiveness, and mutual respect should permeate your hearts as well, and I implore you all to do just that. He emphasized that, despite our religious and ethnic diversity, we are all one people.
In addition to reiterating the state government’s commitment to upholding law and order, Mohammed emphasized the need of ongoing prayers to God in order to retain the current relative tranquility in the state.

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Furthermore, he emphasized that every precaution had been made to guarantee the protection of the state’s citizens and their possessions. I humbly beg you to bear with the government as it works to establish a tranquil Bauchi state of which we can all be proud.

To alleviate some of the suffering, he said, the state administration has sent food supplies.

We will not back down from our stance on this until things change for the better, the governor added. We are a resilient people, therefore I have faith that we will overcome this challenge in the not-too-distant future, and this struggle is just a brief setback.

On this joyous occasion, Mohammed extended his best wishes to the Christian community. He emphasized that Christians celebrate Easter every year to remember Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection and to reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ, who lived his life preaching love, honesty, and peace.

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