Oshiomhole’s Support, the APC Can Retake Edo State

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Adams Oshiomhole, the former governor of Edo State, has given President Bola Tinubu the assurance that the APC chapter in the state is “united and good to go” in the lead-up to the gubernatorial election.

While in Lagos yesterday paying his respects to Tinubu, Oshiomhole revealed this to newsmen.

The senator from Edo North, Oshiomhole, has spoken out about his belief in the APC’s chances of winning the governorship race in Edo State.

Elections are on the horizon. Our house is united, and we have resolved all the difficulties that arose from the primaries, therefore we are glad and we are making all the necessary preparations to win the upcoming election, Oshiomhole stated.

The APC leader announced that the party has established a “campaign council” and is now waiting for the INEC to declare the election schedule so that campaigns may begin on April 24.

Oshiomhole was optimistic about the APC’s prospects, although he did note that the Labour Party and other parties are also dealing with internal issues.

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