Osborn Umahi, Like Cubanas, Shakes Up Nigeria’s Hotel Industry

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Investors and players in Nigeria’s hotel business have kept it afloat in recent decades, weathering the industry’s ups and downs with ingenuity.

I immediately think of the young Turks who breathed new life into the industry—people like Pascal Chubuike Okechuckwu, also known as the Cubana Chief Priest, and Obinna Iyiegbu, or Obi Cubana. But Osborn Nweze Umahi is just one of many young people who are shaking up the hotel industry.

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young adult David Umahi (Jr.), the first son of the current Minister of Works in Nigeria and a former governor of Ebonyi State, has established himself as a major figure in the hotel and resort industry with the opening of his Osborn La-Palm Royal Resort in Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Abakiliki.

The Nigerian-born Osborn Nweze relocated to London when he was fifteen years old to continue his education. He earned a BS in civil engineering from the University of Surrey in England when he was twenty-one years old. A few years after that, he went to Scotland’s University of Aberdeen to get a master’s degree in investment management and financial analysis.

Osborn Nweze Umahi established himself as a worthy successor to his father and uncle, Prince Arthur Eze, a wealthy magnate, before he became 25 years old.

After his father became governor of Ebonyi State, he assumed control of the family business, Brass Oil and Construction Limited. Meanwhile, the young man kept his job as Forte GCC Innovative Solutions’ director of finance.

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