Opposition to Ondo APC Candidate Oke Clashes Over Exercise Claiming It Is “Daylight Robbery”

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On Sunday, a significant number of people came out to demand the cancelation of the exercise. Chief Olusola Oke (SAN) is a candidate for governorship in the All Progressives Congress (APC) primary that took place on Saturday.

Ondo State APC Primary Electoral Officers Did Not Appear in Any Ward,” “We Demand Justice and Fairness in Ondo’s APC Primary Election,” and many more slogans were displayed on the banners carried by the demonstrators.

Speaking to reporters at the Akure demonstration, Adeniran Oyebade, director general of the Olusola Oke Campaign Organization in the Ondo Central Senatorial District, demanded that Governor Usman Ododo be removed from office due to his role in the party’s handling of the election.

A severe offense, according to Oyebade, is election fraud. The wards of our people are not places where you may inflict horror on them against their will.

We are rebelling against our stolen mandate,” he continued. It was a massive catastrophe, a heist in broad daylight. It appears that the APC’s delegation to Ondo State was never actually sent to hold the primaries.

They continued to write findings while staying in Akure. Following the will of the people, they independently recorded the outcomes from 203 wards spread all throughout Ondo State.

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