Mentorship Program for Future Fashion Entrepreneurs Launched by The Macallan and Mai ATAFO

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In an effort to help budding fashion businesses, The Macallan has teamed up with Mai Atafo, a Nigerian fashion designer.

“Fashion Conversations with Mai Atafo” was the name of the life-altering Lagos workshop that the two groups put on. This remarkable partnership took place at the ATAFO Workshop, a center for innovation and creativity, where both emerging and veteran fashion creatives were able to learn from the renowned designer.

The workshop is centered around a common goal of The Macallan and ATAFO: to support and enhance the fashion talents of Nigerians through practical sessions that teach participants the ins and outs of design, craftsmanship, and brand building. Participants will be guided by Mai Atafo and inspired by The Macallan’s expertise.

The Macallan is renowned for its quality, distinctiveness, and distinctive character,” stated Hammed Adebiyi, the brand manager of Edrington’s portfolio in Nigeria. Some parts of our brand represent this commitment to greatness. The significance of handiwork in Nigeria’s fashion business is something that we both deeply value, and today we’re commemorating this fact.

The fashion industry, he said, “succeeds” because of the hard work of talented craftspeople who put their hearts and souls into each garment. For that reason, The Macallan is pleased to have collaborated with Mai Atafo on this project for the past three years.

In order to ensure that the fashion business continues to thrive in the future, it is crucial to foster the creative minds of the next generation, and we fully grasp this.

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