LP Slams Intended NLC Stakeholders’ Gathering as Jamboree

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According to the Labour Party (LP), the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)’s planned stakeholders’ conference in Abuja on April 8 is nothing more than “a jamboree by drama boys,” and real labor people should ignore it.

In a statement issued by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Obiora Ifoh, the Labour Party claimed to have seen an invitation letter in the media that was allegedly penned by several NLC members.

Sound Off Enhance Display

The NLC theater boys and attention seekers are planning an illegal meeting, and since we haven’t given our stamp of approval, the meeting’s results will be meaningless. Accordingly, the Labour Party issued a statement urging all true party members to ignore and avoid the gathering.

“An unlawful meeting of disgruntled members who are not even party members” was quickly organized by the NLC in response to the recent 300 percent increase in the federal power tariff, but the organization has done nothing to address the issue or rally its members to condemn the increase.

The Labour Party subsequently requested that the security forces cancel the event because, as it pointed out, it had the potential to turn into a public nuisance.

“We are urging the relevant law enforcement agencies to step up and prevent this gathering from becoming a public nuisance,” the statement pointed out.

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