Legal Ruling Confirming Ganduje’s Suspension Unlawful, Will Not Be Acknowledged—APC

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The APC has characterized the Kano State High Court’s decision to uphold Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje’s suspension as fraudulent and illegitimate, stating that the party will neither recognize or adhere to the ruling.

During a meeting with journalists held shortly after the APC Ward Executives from Ganduje Ward of Kano State met the party’s National Chairman at the headquarters in Abuja on Wednesday, Prof. Abdulkarim Kana, the APC’s National Legal Adviser, made the statement.

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Additionally, Kana stated that the ward executives had taken the matter to the National Judicial Council (NJC) in order to request that the judge from the Kano High Court who handed down the ruling be removed from office.

According to the party’s legal adviser, the people behind the supposed suspension are not affiliated with the APC or any of the Ganduje Ward party officials.

This is a classic case of 419, but they crossed the line by getting a false judgment. We were also informed about the order this afternoon. We haven’t seen it, but any kind of order that stems from dishonesty is obviously illegal and will not be honored.

A petition against the judge who issued the exparte ruling will also be submitted by the Ganduje ward executive to the NJC. A judge with a conflict of interest will refuse to invite the opposing side before issuing such an order and will likely follow it up with a threat.

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