Kidnapping of District Head Group Urges Governor Lawal and IGP to Seek Justice

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Concerned about the recent wave of armed banditry, murders, and kidnappings in Zamfara State, the Zamfara North Progressive Movement has called on the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) of the Police Command to move quickly in investigating and prosecuting those responsible in order to send a message of deterrence.

It further demanded that IGP Kayode Egbetokun and state governor Dauda Lawal bring those responsible for kidnapping to trial.

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Those held or granted bail in connection with the kidnapping of a district head, Alhaji Ibrahim Sarkin Fada Kasuwar daji, by armed bandits is a major cause for concern, according to a statement issued by Ahmed Abubakar Birane, chairman of the Zamfara North Progressive Movement.
He claimed that the district head’s son, a former member of the State House of Assembly, had paid ransom to secure the head’s release after he had been held captive for almost six months.

He explained that the investigation got underway when security agents detained an armed bandit. While in police custody, the bandit confessed to robbing innocent people, holding them for ransom, killing others, and rustling cattle in the Kaura town and environs. This led to the arrest of a suspect from Kaura Namoda.

He added that the actions of armed bandits were extended to the towns of Kurya Madaro and Kasuwar Daji, where the kidnapping of Ibrahim Sarkin Kasuwdaji, the district head, and the payment of ransom for his release occurred.

After an armed bandit was apprehended, he went on to admit that he had worked with a current Zamfara State House of Assembly member to plan the kidnapping of the father of the ex-state assemblyman. The goal was to put the family in a position of complete isolation from the politics of Kauru Namoda South by intimidating and harassing the father. The ex-lawmaker fled Kasuwdaji upon his father’s release, according to the statement, because he was afraid for his safety from armed bandits.

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