Indian Businessman Swindled Out of $737,000 by BDC Operator

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The chief executive officer of Allkraft Technology and Industries Limited, Mr. Manas Das, was allegedly cheated out of $737,015.00 by a BDC operator named Abubakar Mannir.

There were three separate agreements totaling $900,000 that Das, an Indian national located in Nigeria, allegedly made with the Bureau de Change operator, who was affiliated with the Emirates Booth Company.

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In a statement, Abdulrahman Abubakar, the general manager of Allkraft Technology and Industries Limited, confirmed that in December 2023, Allkraft sent $900,000 (the equivalent in Naira) to Emirates Booth’s Zenith Bank account.

But everything went south when Mannir allegedly escaped without paying the remaining $737,015.00 owed to Das after paying only $162,985 via Emirates Booth.

The contracts were supposed to be performed in November 2023, but Mr. Mannir’s Emirates Booth stated there would be a delay and finally agreed to move the transfers from January 15, 2024, to January 19, 2024, according to Abubakar. The money was supposed to be transferred from Abuja, where Mr. Manas Das had already traveled by that point.

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