Ighodalo Warns PDP Leaders: We Need to Work Together to Defeat the APC in Edo Poll

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Dr. Asue Ighodalo, a candidate for governor of Edo State on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ticket, has called on party members to unite and devise a plan to unseat the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the next election on September 21.

While meeting with other PDP leaders in Akoko-Edo to plot out their electoral strategy, he made this statement. At the Benin mansion of Senator Odion Ugbesia, a former minister for Solid Minerals, the gathering was called by the group’s head, Chief Olu Fashanu.

Mr. Ademola Shaibu-Ekha was joined at the meeting by a number of notable figures, including: Prince Kayode Ogunubi, the party’s LGA chairman; Elder Olu Dania, a national delegate; Ambassador Dele Idaomi; Chief Sunny Okomayin, a former PDP senatorial chairman; Hon. Jeffrey Obasanmi, a former liaison officer of the local government; Hon. Solomon Taiwo, a former senior special assistant to Governor Obaseki; Hon. Topa Okomayin, a former security adviser to the local government area; and, of course, everyone else at the meeting.

The PDP has competent members with the correct vision, concentration, and patriotic zeal to reposition Nigeria, and Ighodalo praised the party’s leadership for their “honest analytical report and suggestions on ways and means of resolving the party’s internal issues” while simultaneously urging them not to relax.

“Other parties have either disintegrated, splintered, or become amalgamations of bizarre, odd, and unhealthy bedfellows since 1999, but PDP is the only one that is still alive. A complex forced union contraption.

The All Progressives Congress (APC), according to Ighodalo, has been the archenemy of Nigeria’s growth, hence the party must band together and devise a plan to destroy them. He continued by saying, “the Party’s campaign structure will soon be unveiled,” and that there is evidence that the PDP is far ahead of the competition.

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