I Want to Get Better and Have Fun On Pitch—Anthony

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Izuchuwku Anthony, a football prodigy from Nigeria, has said that, as a young player, he only wants to enjoy himself and get better at the game.

A number of clubs from the top five leagues in Europe have expressed interest in Anthony after his incredible performances for his new crew.

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In an interview with LEADERSHIP, the 26-year-old central defender—currently on the field for Nantong Zhiyun of the Chinese Super League—discussed how he found a calling in football while playing on the streets.

Like other Nigerian kids, I used to spend a lot of time as a kid playing street football, and I quickly became obsessed with the sport to the point where I had no interest in anything else.

“From the beginning, I didn’t really consider making a profession out of it. My only concern was with football and the opportunities it presented. I am truly appreciative of everything that football has done for me and will do in the future.” “I said,” he declared.

My decision to play the defensive side role is based on my skill level, Izuchukwu stated.
“Your role determines your skill set; I can recover the ball and pass it to my teammates effectively.”

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