Enhanced Security in Kogi Guaranteed by Ododo’s Unveiling of 120 Operational Vehicles for Vigilantes

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To improve the effectiveness of community police throughout all 21 LGAs of Kogi State, Governor Alhaji Ahmed Ododo launched more than 120 new security vehicles and 44 motorbikes on Friday.

Distributed across all 21 LGAs in the state, the new fleet of security vehicles was intended to bolster the Kogi State Vigilante Service’s community policing project, an initiative of Governor Ododo’s administration.

It was also a component of the security architecture in Kogi State’s efforts to establish a new model for community policing.

In his speech, the governor explained that the move was made to rein in lawbreakers throughout all 21 of the state’s LGAs.

He went on to say that this would make it easier for vigilantes all over the state to travel between their assigned areas.

When asked about the state’s commitment to effective police, the governor emphasized the importance of security and said it was a top priority for his administration.

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