Discover the New ‘Scan To Resolve Complaint’ from UBA Gateway for Better Customer Service

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United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, a leading global bank in Africa, has introduced a new ‘Scan to Resolve Complaint’ Portal, a Quick Response solution, to better serve its clients and resolve their disputes more quickly.
With this cutting-edge technology, the bank has taken a giant leap forward in its mission to transform customer care and expedite the settlement of consumer complaints.

The bank’s “Scan to Resolve complaint” service allows consumers to get their problems solved quickly and easily with a QR code ( rather than physically visiting a branch.
From the convenience of their homes or offices, they may swiftly resolve a range of issues, including those involving unsuccessful transactions, with the help of the portal.

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Olukayode Olubiyi, head of digital banking at UBA, discussed the features and benefits of the “Scan and Resolve Complaint” platform. He said that customers experiencing issues with web, PoS, or ATM transactions will receive prompt responses and be resolved within one to three days.

Because our consumers are the reason we do what we do, we are always innovating to meet their needs. Scan and Resolve Complaint, as its name suggests, is a site that quickly and efficiently addresses consumer complaints and concerns.
Plus, he revealed that the portal has a ton of cool features, like how easy it is to make transactions. He went on to say, “from now on, customers just have to scan and log in their complaints, and the portal will handle the rest, so it’s super easy and hassle-free for them.”

In response to these complaints, Olubiyi promises a rapid verification process, customer notifications, and the launch of a resolution initiative whose overarching goal is to make customers happy.

Michelle Nwoga, head of UBA’s customer experience group, said that the bank is constantly trying to improve its service delivery in order to continue being clients’ go-to financial institution.

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