Claims of Weapon Hoarding in Osun State Spark Feud Between PDP and APC

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Opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State has been cautioned by the state’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) branch not to jeopardize the tranquility that the people of the state are currently enjoying.

Over the weekend in Osogbo, the PDP’s chairman, Hon. Sunday Bisi, issued a statement denouncing the APC’s efforts “to push the state back into the dark ages of political assassinations on mundane issues of political differences within the party.”

According to Bisi, who claimed that some members of the opposing party were hoarding weapons and ammunition, Governor Ademola Adeleke’s PDP administration would not stand for any effort by any political group or association to disrupt the state’s current peace by carrying out heinous assassination attempts on anyone, regardless of their party affiliation.

According to the chair, the warning was necessary because of the reports of death threats and the responses from other APC factions in the state.

Claims and counterclaims of death threats from the opposition’s feuding groups have the ruling party urging the security authorities to remain vigilant.

His Excellency, Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke has always been a pacifist, and we have always stood in solidarity with him. We share his belief that progress is impossible in a violent and violently unstable environment.

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