Chairmen of the Northern LP Vote Confidence in Obi

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Mr. Peter Obi, the party’s presidential candidate for 2023, has received the support of the 19 northern state chairmen of the Labour Party (LP).

Following their meeting in Bauchi, party chairman for the northern zone Muhammad Abdullahi Lawal informed reporters of this.

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“Following this, we reiterated our steadfast backing for Peter Obi, who personifies the distinguished principles and character that characterize the Labour Party and the exceptional future of our nation’s unity,” he stated.

“We are fully behind his efforts to bring the party together and protect its principles,” he declared, adding that this includes the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Obedient movement groups, and anybody else who shares this goal.
According to Lawal, there is no longer any doubt that the LP is a monolithic organization with no regional or local branches.

“However, for the sake of party unity and advancement, we have all come to a consensus today to dissolve these groups and proceed as one united party,” he stated.

Lawal further cautioned Dr. Arabambi against speaking ill of Mr. Obi, stating that such behavior had no place in the LP.

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