Bomi Gulu Criticizes PDP’s Cohesion, Praises NEC Meeting’s Outcome

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Sidi Abdul Bomi Gulu, a former governorship candidate in Niger State and a current People’s Democratic Party (PDP) national chairmanship contender, has urged party members to stand united while praising the party’s 98th National Executive Council (NEC) meeting for its peaceful conduct last week.

He stated that the party’s resolution demonstrates maturity and adherence to democratic principles by taking a thorough look at the nation’s and the party’s current situation and coming up with a comprehensive solution, which goes against the assumptions of detractors.

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Bomi Gulu said reporters in Minna yesterday that the party’s unity was the top priority of the Governors’ Forum, which is chaired by Alhaji Bala Mohammed, governor of Bauchi State.

Having rallied his colleagues for a calm NEC meeting and emerging with robust positions, the governor of Bauchi state has shown remarkable statesmanship, he added, signaling a brighter future for the PDP and Nigeria overall.

Consequently, the party leader urged everyone to set aside their disagreements and rally behind the cause of peace and unity, regardless of their own interests.

According to him, the PDP has proved that it is a party that believes in the core principles of democracy and has assured Nigerians of a better future. He went on to say that the resolution clearly showed that the party was getting the unity it needed for the future.

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