Bello The group claims that the EFCC does not have the authority to send troops into combat

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The Civil Rights Realization And Advancement Network (CRRAN) has stated that the EFCC lacks the authority to use military force in its investigations.

In response to the EFCC’s announcement that it would arraign Yahaya Bello, the former governor of Kogi State, even if it means utilizing the military, the group’s president, Olu Omotayo, revealed this.

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Omotayo expressed his dismay that the speech was delivered in the hallowed halls of justice in a statement that was accessible to reporters in Enugu.

The president, he said, is not immune to the constraints of Section 217 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Constitution when it comes to sending troops on an operation.

The EFCC lacks the authority to include the military in its operations. He made it clear that the court had upheld the legal stance that the deployment of military forces for any operation, even those ordered by the president, must adhere to the requirements of Section 217 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Constitution.

Neither an emergency nor an insurrection exists in Kogi, according to Omotayo, hence the President and the National Assembly do not need to send in the military.

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