Arrest Evasion Female ADC of Ex-Gov. Bello and Others Detained by Police

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The NPF has apprehended and detained Yahaya Bello’s aide-de-camp (ADC), who was the governor of Kogi State at one point.

The female police officer was one of multiple officers associated with the troubled ex-governor who were arrested at the same time.

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After EFCC agents surrounded Bello’s Abuja house on Wednesday in an effort to capture him, the policemen were arrested on suspicion of assisting Bello’s escape.

This operation was a part of a larger probe of the former governor’s probable wrongdoing and legal violations.

Little was known about the case, but officials said they were looking into the governor’s escape to find out how much of a role the officers played.

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No official announcement has come out from the Nigeria Police Force about the arrests, but word on the street is that the officers may be facing accusations of conspiracy to obstruct justice or obstruction of justice.

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