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“Why quiet men should marry women who have madness in them” Uche Ogbodo spills



Nollywood actress and expectant mum, Uche Ogbodo has revealed why men should marry women who have a bit of madness in them.

The mother of two, in a message to the opposite gënder, advised men who are quiet to marry women, who are the opposite of them in terms of character.

According to her, men need women who have a sprinkle of madness in them to defend them in public.

Uche also admonished women to be physically and spiritually aggressively protective towards their men.

“I beg as a man if you are quiet and you know you take a lot of shit. I beg try marry person wey get madness for head.
Like you need a woman who would say… Hey, come here don’t talk to my husband like that. Shey e ya were ni.

Me I am that Madwoman and that Madwoman is me!
If you hurt my man in the slightest way possible you hurt me too, no matter who you are, I will pounce on you.
Even if I hear, I no dey there, you are already my enemy I no wan hear explanation.
I am my Man and my Man is me! One soul! One Body!
As a woman, you have to be physically and spiritually aggressively protective towards your man!”.

Uche Ogbodo’s protectiveness over her husband isn’t surprising as some months back, she had made a lifetime promise to her young husband.

While sharing a loved-up photo of her and her husband, Uche Ogbodo promised to go through thick and thin for him.

In a previous post, Ogbodo had issued a stern warning to critics over her relationship with a younger man.

Uche slammed her critics as she lamented over how she had been age-shamed for marrying a younger man.

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