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“Where is this coming from” Filmmaker Biodun Stephen tackles BBNaija Hermes over his newly acquired accent (Video)



Nigerian Filmmaker and director, Biodun Stephen has queried Big Brother Naija’s ‘shine ya eyes’ former housemate, Hermes Iyele over his newly acquired accent.

The BBNaija star, had via his Instagram story called out a certain bank for embarrassing him at an event. According to him, he had been invited to a ban event, only for him to get there and his name wasn’t found in the list of guests at the event and the security stopped him from entering the venue.

To make it worse, the bank organizers didn’t make a move to save his face.

“I need an explanation as to why you will invite me to an event and the security checks for my name three times. The security was looking at me like I was supposed to not be there. I need an explanation as to why that happened”.

The reality star spoke with a different accent, which left award-winning filmmaker, Biodun Stephen perplexed.

Taking to a blog’s comment section, she questioned where his British accent was coming from.

“Where is the British accent coming from Hermes?”.

Her comment didn’t sit well with many as they lashed out at her.

One Princess Toluwa wrote, “But his accent has always been like this jow, why the sudden question?

One Damilola wrote, “Na the accent dey disturb una or the message he’s passing across?

One Sage Babalola wrote, “Someone is complaining about the embarrassment he experienced at an event and Nigerians are having a mini-stroke over his choice of accent

One I Am Vicky Derby wrote, “That’s how he speaks and he speaks fluently

One J Danladijr wrote, “You guys should let people speak the way they choose.

One Cupcake wrote, “If you don’t have the gift to learn or upskill yourself. Stop crying over people enhancing their skills.

One I Am Queeness wrote, “Why can’t we just let people live? Who cares if anyone is forcing an accent? What will that change in your life?

One Stephy Lucy wrote, “He has always been intelligent, sound, and speak very good English. Nigerians should stop judging a book by its cover.

One D Deta wrote, “This accent thing boils down to inferiority complex.

One Nnenna Blinks wrote, “Hermes has a British babe whim he has lived together with way before BBN. By the way the phonetics align well. It doesn’t look forced”.

Months back, Hermes was left devasted after being harassed by the Nigerian police.

Sharing a video of Nigerian police searching his car, the dancer revealed that the unnecessary stop and search had cost him his phone worth 1.4 million naira.

Lamenting over the situation, Hermes Iyele accused the police officers of carting away his phone.

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