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“What if the lady next to you in a taxi has your husband saved as her dp”? Ngozi Ezeonu asks controversial question



Nollywood star Ngozi Ezuonu recently sparked a controversial discussion on social media by posing a rather intriguing scenario: What if you were sitting in a taxi and discovered that the lady next to you had your husband’s picture saved as her screensaver or display picture (DP)? How would you react? This question has set the internet abuzz with a wide range of responses from people expressing their thoughts on the matter.

One avid follower disclosed that if faced with such an uncomfortable situation, she would make the taxi ride equally uncomfortable for the lady in question, suggesting a confrontational approach to the dilemma.

Another individual had a more direct approach in mind, stating that she would immediately reveal the truth to the lady by saying, “The man on your screen is my husband,” and then keenly observe the lady’s reaction, wasting no time in exposing the situation.

Taking a rather unusual approach, another fan shared her intentions of confiscating the lady’s phone and sealing it in a clear Ziploc bag as evidence, drawing a parallel to the way law enforcement handles certain items.

On the other hand, a more cunning strategy was proposed by another respondent who expressed her desire to befriend the lady, learn about her whereabouts, closely monitor her, and patiently wait for the love of the lady’s life to make an appearance.

It’s also not worth mentioning that Nollywood alumni Ngozi Ezuonu, known for her remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry, celebrated her 57th birthday on May 23, 2022, with a heartwarming celebration. She graced the occasion in style, adorning a stunning red long ball gown along with an elegant headgear, capturing the essence of her special day with beautiful photos.

Moreover, in a significant development last October, the veteran actress achieved another remarkable milestone in her career. She proudly shared the news on her Instagram page, revealing her appointment as an ambassador for international peace.

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