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“Stop using antiseptic soap to bathe” Aproko doctor warns Nigerians (Video)



Aproko Doctor, a popular Nigerian figure, in a recent statement is making waves with his straightforward and uncomplicated health advice.

Aproko Doctor’s latest claim centers around the use of antiseptic soaps for daily bathing. He advises against using these soaps due to potential harm to the body system, including the risk of triggering thyroid issues. The reason? He explains that these soaps, loaded with harsh chemicals, might be the culprits behind skin problems. Aproko Doctor explains that our bodies rely on beneficial germs that protect us from harm. However, regular use of antiseptic soaps removes these helpful microorganisms, making us more open to various health issues and hindering our quest for clear skin.

His advice led to a flurry of reactions on social media. While some questioned his viewpoint, many agreed with him.

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Back in October, recall that Aproko Doctor had dished out another practical tip for those seeking to shed some extra pounds. Instead of diving into extreme diets or complex workout routines, he recommended the simplest form of exercise: walking. According to him, consistent walking can lead to effective weight loss, making the process straightforward and highly achievable.

Aproko Doctor also sent shivers down the spines of many when he disclosed the hidden dangers in our kitchen sponges. Surprisingly, he stated that these seemingly harmless cleaning tools can host more germs than our toilet seats, because we often neglect proper cleaning practices. His solution? Either dispose of sponges regularly or sanitize them by immersing in hot water, microwaving, or using bleach to kill the germs. This ensures that when we use sponges for dishwashing, the germs won’t hitch a ride onto our plates.

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