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Sam Larry’s passport has reportedly been blocklisted by Kenyan authority



Mohbad’s death has easily been one of the most emotional and publicized celebrity deaths. With each passing day, new revelations and developments emerge, and the latest twist in this sad tale involves Sam Larry, an aide to Naira Marley reportedly been black listed in Kenya.

As the controversy surrounding Sam Larry’s alleged involvement in Mohbad’s death escalates, the Kenyan authorities have reportedly taken a significant step. It has been revealed that Sam Larry’s passport has been blocklisted by the Kenyan government, effectively preventing him from being in the country.

This startling development came to light through a message shared by Morgan Dmw, an ally of Davido. In a conversation with one of the Kenyan authorities, this is what was revealed,

“Good morning sir I am informed he wants to travel to Dubai secretly but unfortunately as per Yesterday me and my Director of crimir investigation and public prosecutions Kenya has talked.

His passport was blocklisted and placed a stop order until he is arrested and investigated on his entry purpose to Kenya and deported back to Nigeria as we believe he has an ongoing criminal case to aid in investigation and be held responsible if found liable with charges on him.

The director watched all the videos on social media and write up and he said it is enough to claim he is dangerous and a treat to the people of Kenya”

Sam Larry was first linked to the passing of Mohbad when a video surfaced showing Mohbad being assaulted by him. It had only fueled the flames of speculation.

Later, it was revealed that Mohbad himself had signed a petition against Sam Larry for the assault he endured. This disturbing footage raised questions about what else might have transpired behind closed doors.

Adding to the already controversial situation, Mohbad had taken Marlian Music to court, for his unpaid royalties. This legal battle, which remained unresolved at the time of his death, raised further doubts about the relationship between the artist and his label.

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