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“Nothing justifies domestic violence, nothing at all”Solomon Buchi



Solomon Buchi recently took to Twitter to deliver a simple yet powerful message that left a strong impact.

In a short tweet, he stated, “Nothing justifies domestic violence. Absolutely nothing.” The agreement from the majority of people in the comments also affirmed his stance that no circumstances or reasons could ever validate the use of physical harm or assault against another individual.

Solomon Buchi is well-known for outspoken opinions, particularly when it comes to relationships and marriage.

Let’s recall that his past statements have shed light on how unpredictable life is. He has expressed his views on individuals who confidently proclaim that they would never tolerate certain situations in life.

Solomon has pointed out that life has a way of placing people in unforeseen circumstances, leading them to accept things they once firmly believed they would never tolerate.

Back in August, Solomon and his wife, Arike, captivated the hearts of their followers in an endearing and heartwarming video. The couple engaged in a delightful conversation, speaking in each other’s native languages to showcase their cultural and linguistic diversity.

Solomon, who hails from the Igbo tribe, and Arike, representing the Yoruba culture, reassured their followers about their vision for the future, which included discussions about the languages their children would speak. Their different cultural backgrounds didn’t deter them; instead, they celebrated and embraced their heritage.

The video not only portrayed a beautiful moment of cultural exchange but also featured Solomon’s lighthearted and playful makeup session for his wife. During this charming interaction, he teasingly questioned her fluency in the Yoruba language, adding a touch of humor to their connection.

This heartwarming moment showed the couple’s deep commitment to embracing and celebrating their diverse backgrounds.

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