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“Not my best year but at least I no cry for man” BBNaija Dorathy shares as she celebrates 28th birthday



Big Brother Naija’s beloved contestant, Dorothy, celebrated her 28th birthday in a simple yet elegant fashion, making a statement with a vibrant purple gown. The reality star took to her Instagram to share snapshots of her special day, embracing the moment with grace and style.

In the photos she posted, Dorothy looked stunning in a short purple gown that showcased her ample cleavage. To add a touch of glamour, she donned a long flowered cape and flaunted her blonde bob hairstyle. Completing the look, she adorned herself with a simple yet elegant neckpiece and paired it with striking purple shoes.

The caption on her Instagram post caught the attention of her fans and followers. Dorothy captioned her birthday celebration as “Season 20 Episode 8,” adding an intriguing twist to her special day.

But what truly stood out in her message was a candid revelation. Dorothy shared that, while the year 2023 might not have been her best year, she took pride in not shedding a tear over a man, implying that she had not experienced heartbreak in the past year.

“Not my best year but at least I no cry because of man”

Dorothy’s journey to fame through Big Brother Nigeria had a unique beginning. She previously opened up about the frustrations that had led her to enter the reality show. After losing two jobs, she had found herself battling depression. However, she still harbored dreams of venturing into business and craved visibility to make it happen. This drive led her to participate in the Big Brother Nigeria show.

Even after emerging from the lockdown house when the reality show concluded, Dorothy found herself in a position where she didn’t need to spend her own money for a while. She explained that fans and well-wishers showered her with gifts, including items and cash, for a staggering two months after the show. This unexpected outpouring of support left her pleasantly surprised, and she shared her gratitude for the kindness she had received.

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