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“Nobody would patronize you even if you were selling yourself” Princess tells Phyna



Princess has replied to phyna slut shaming her with a few choice of words of her own.

The fiery feud has between two notable personalities from the Big Brother Naija franchise, Princess and Phyna shows no sign of stopping. This ongoing online battle has captured the attention of fans and onlookers, as it continues to intensify with each passing exchange.

The reason for this dispute was a controversial statement made by Phyna on her Instagram story. In response to a fan’s inquiry about her belief that all sexually active women, with the exception of virgins, have committed abortion, Princess stepped into the discussion. With a strong difference of opinion, Princess made her stance known.

As the tension escalated, Princess did not mince words. In a cutting retort, she declared that even if Phyna were to attempt to sell herself, nobody would be interested in patronizing her. The verbal skirmish, however, did not conclude at this juncture. Instead, it continued to evolve into a more complex exchange.

Phyna, in her counterattack, labeled Princess an opportunist, accusing her of attempting to leverage Phyna’s name for personal gain. This accusation only served to fuel the feud further.

In a particularly pointed response, Princess took a stand and told Phyna that if she opted to have abortions, it would be her burden to bear. The battle between the two contestants spilled over onto Twitter, where they continued to exchange barbs.

Princess also claimed that her return to the show as an “All Star” was a testament to her influence, while Phyna had not received the same opportunity.

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