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Mixed reactions trail old video of Sarkodie alluding Yvonne Nelson is his type



Mixed reactions have trailed video of Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie describing Yvonne Nelson as his type of woman.

Following the movie star’s bombshell revelation, fans dig up a video of him alluding Yvonne to be his type.

In an interview with media personality, Stephani Coker for MTV Base Africa, when asked to pick between Yvonne and Lydia, Sarkodie said Yvonne is more of his type.

Question: “Who is more your type Lydia Fordson or Yvonne Nelson??

Yvonne: I don’t know Lydia personally, I have had an encounter with Yvonne.

I picked Yvonne because I know her”.


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Taking to the comment section, many slammed Yvonne for blaming others for her wrong.

One Dapon wrote, “Always blaming others for their mal!cious and ins@ne attitude

One Clear Lifestyle wrote, “She was is the type to sleep with not wife nor mother his children.

One Young Tina wrote, “Yvonne stop this madness. You were comfortable enough to take care of a baby as of 2010. You weren’t forced. You accepted. You did all you did knowing when you did it. Don’t abortion blame on anyone here

One Naija single girl wrote, “My own question is why did Yvonne say she lost her virginity in Feb 2017. If this happened 13 years ago. The math is not mathing

One Rasheed of Naija wrote, “I use to wonder how most beautiful women always choose the wrong partner or dudes to mess/be with

One El Fashion wrote, “An adult???? With so much exposure???? Yvonne, make it make sense”.

“How Sarkodie impregnated me and made me abort it” Yvonne Nelson shares story in bombshell memoir

trendytunez reported hours ago that Yvonne Nelson had left many stunned with her bombshell revelation about her affair with rapper, Sarkodie.

The movie star released her memoir, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ on June 18, where she detailed her decision to terminate a pregnancy for Sarkodie.

In a chapter titled ‘A Difficult Decision,’ Nelson shared her personal experience of navigating an unexpected pregnancy and the difficult decision she made at that time.

During this phase, Nelson found herself in a complex situation involving a rapper where she reflected on the emotional turmoil she experienced when he refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy.

According to her, Sarkodie had refused to take responsibility for her child because he had another girlfriend, which led her to take the decision, which she later admitted she regrets.

Yvonne also shed light on the profound impact this experience had on her and the strength she found to make a decision that she believed was best for herself and her circumstances.

From the book, the actress had attempted to abort the baby by taking some concoctions from a colleague but to her dismay, the substance could not work as a test revealed she was still pregnant.

She further recalled finally succeeding in aborting the pregnancy but said it is “one of the most regrettable mistakes in her life. If the clock of life could be rewound to her younger self, I would keep it.

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