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Kemi Korede shares testimony as she storms Mecca after 10years (Video)



Nollywood actress, Kemi Korede has expressed gratitude to her creator for fulfilling her heart desires as she revisits the Holy City, Mecca after 10 years.

Kemi Korede stated that she is in Mecca to express gratitude to her creator for answering her prayers. According to her, she poured out her heart to him in Mecca 10 years ago and He blessed her beyond her imagination.

Now, she has returned to appreciate Him, while also interceding for others.

“A decade ago, I was here. I poured out my heart to Almighty Allah at this very location. Ten years later, I am here again with a heart of gratitude and praise. All that I prayed for here 10 years ago, Allah has blessed me with it and more.

To all persons who sent me prayer requests, as I speak from the position of purity and Mercy. I pray that Almighty Allah grant your heart desires. Those who wish to build their houses those who pray for the fruits of the womb, promotion at work, sound health, and more… Allah is capable to make your life better. He shall bless you all.

I pray that Almighty Allah guides and bless our leaders through Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and make our country Nigeria great again”.

How I hawked pounded yam, kerosene, and more to make a way for myself” Kemi Korede reflects on her humble beginnings

Just a few weeks back, Kemi Korede reflected on her humble beginnings.

Taking to her Instagram page to share a childhood photo of herself, Kemi Korede reminisced on her past when things were hard for her.

Kemi Korede recounted how she hawked pounded yam, kerosene, raw yam, and more to make ends meet.

According to her, growing up was so difficult and she suffered so much to make a way for herself.

She never imagined she could come this far but she was determined that she has to be great to care of my parents.

Encouraging her fans, she told them to strive hard to make it and not give up on themselves.

When I came across this song on TikTok. I had a flashback of my past when things were so hard. I remember when I was hawking pounded yam, kerosene, raw yam, or anything that comes out during that season. Growing up was so difficult. I suffered so much to make a way for myself.
I never imagined I could come this far…
But I was determined that I have to be great to take care of my parent. Here I am today, Alhamdulilah Wa Shukran.

Pls, you all striving so hard to make it, pls don’t give up on yourself… Keep praying… God will say Yes to your prayers very soon…
Everyone that come across this video and those that did not. God will say yes to your hustle very very soon Insha Allah.

Thank you, Lord”.

“A man who made me who I am today as an actress”, Kemi Korede celebrates her boss

A few days later, Kemi Korede penned heartwarming accolades to celebrate the CEO of Korede Films, Sunday Soyinka, on his birthday.

Kemi Korede shared photos from his birthday with her fans, appreciating him for his impact on her life and career.

The movie star acknowledged Sunday Soyinka as the man who made her who she is as an actress, stating he selflessly gave her opportunities as a young star.

Kemi Korede noted how Sunday Soyinka stood different despite the style of operation in the movie industry whereby females are marginalized by their ‘body treasures’.

She further promises to keep making the celebrant proud and happy while praying that God’s blessings will be on him.

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