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“It’s better to be happy in a Keke than to cry in a Bentley” Angel smith advices ladies



Reality TV star Angel Smith recently took to Snapchat to share some valuable relationship advice, speaking the importance of happiness over material possessions. In her message, Angel conveyed a powerful sentiment, suggesting that it is far better to be happy in a Keke than to cry in a Bentley .

She suggested that there is contentment and joy in a modest setting, than to endure sadness and unhappiness while surrounded by luxury, like the prestigious Bentley car.

Angel’s advice is particularly directed towards young women, urging them to make thoughtful and wise choices when it comes to their romantic relationships. She states that there’s a notion in society that it’s preferable to cry in a lavish environment than to experience hardship in a less extravagant one. However, she challenges this notion by speaking out on the significance of genuine happiness in any relationship.

Also, her message seemed to carry a personal touch, as if speaking from her own experiences. This statement has fueled speculation regarding her relationship with Soma, a fellow reality TV alum. Since leaving the TV show, Angel and Soma have openly claimed to be in a relationship. They have shared each other’s company on social media, gone on dates together, and frequently interacted online.

Angel and Soma’s relationship has not been without its share of controversies, especially with the act of following and unfollowing each other on social media platforms. These actions led to questions about their relationship dynamics and compatibility. Angel’s recent statement, however, suggests that she prioritizes emotions and a loving connection over material wealth.

While Angel and Soma have had their ups and downs in the public eye, it’s clear that they are trying to keep their relationship private. This is affirmed more by Soma’s recent mention of Angel’s star sign, Aquarius, in response to a question about his girlfriend’s sign on Instagram. This subtle confirmation implies that their relationship may be taking a more private and reserved direction, away from the constant scrutiny of the public eye.

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