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“I’m scared, I don’t want to d!e young” Lilsmart, former marlian records signee cries out



The recent and untimely demise of former Marlian Records signee, Mohbad, has sent continued to send shock through the entertainment industry, leaving many artists questioning with their own mortality.

Among them, Lilsmart, another former Marlian Records artist, has expressed deep concerns about his life, revealing a deep fear of meeting a similar tragic fate.

He had this to say

“I’m Scared

Never been this scared

Is a Lawless country And it aint for me. I don’t wanna die young.”


In the wake of Mohbad’s passing, controversies continue to rise, putting a shadow of uncertainty over the circumstances that led to his untimely end. While the truth remains unknown, various revelations have emerged.

One of the most unsettling revelations came in the form of a viral audio message purportedly exchanged between Mohbad and his wife prior to his demise.

In this recording, Mohbad accuses his wife of harboring evil intentions, alleging that she conspired to end his life. He told her not to harm his entire family, expressing his suspicions that she was feigning illness just to get sensitive information from him through WhatsApp, potentially for evil purposes after his death.

This shocking audio exchange has fueled further speculation and unease surrounding Mohbad’s death.

Another major source of controversy in the aftermath of Mohbad’s passing was around his strained relationship with his former record label manager, Naira Marley.

In a distressing video, Mohbad was seen being harassed by Sam Larry, an aide to Naira Marley. This video had quickly went viral.

It was also revealed that Mohbad had taken legal action to address the harassment he endured during the shooting of a music video with Zlatan Ibile. He filed a petition with the Nigerian police in June 2023, seeking protection for his life and property. This legal step further shows the emotional toll it took on Mohbad.

In the midst of these controversies and uncertainties, Netizens are concerned after Lilsmart’s emotional plea and are urging celebrities to reach out to him.

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