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”If you want, ab0rt all your children” Princess replies Phyna



The drama between Princess, a former participant on Big Brother Nigeria, and Phyna, the ex-winner of the reality show, shows no signs of cooling down. Instead, the feud has intensified with Princess offering a pointed and direct response to Phyna’s earlier comments, adding more layers to their feud.

Princess went on Twitter now known as X to respond to Phyna’s recent provocations, where she advised her to exercise discretion in her life choices and experiences. Princess minced no words as she told Phyna to keep her personal decisions, especially those as intimate as abortion, private, and not put them upon others. She also stated that that if Phyna desired to abort her pregnancies, she is entitled to do so, as it is her body and her decision to make.

“@unusualphyna have your abortion in peace.

Stop shoving it down our throat. If you want abort all your unborn children its your body.

Your own guilt will kill you”

This exchange was caused by Phyna’s initial comments, where she threw derogatory insults at Princess and saying that her recent surge in popularity to the clout she had provided.

The root of this ongoing feud stems from Phyna’s original statement on her Instagram story. Phyna had made a generalized statement, claiming that every woman, without exception, had undergone an abortion. She even went a step further, contending that women who had used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy could be classified as abortionists.

This generalization did not sit well with many, prompting Princess to step into the conversation. In a comment made on instablog, Princess had taken issue with Phyna’s statements and advised her to bear the consequences of her remarks independently, rather than implicating others.

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