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“If take my trophy for evictions, take your trophy for abortions” Princess continues to carpet Phyna



Big Brother Nigeria’s Princess continues to go head to head with Phyna this time around calling her out about her numerous abortions.

“Princess Onyejekwe @Iamprincess_O.1h

Ill take my trophy for eviction. @unusualphyna take your trophy for abortions!!

Recently, she told Phyna that even if Phyna was selling her body, nobody would buy it. This came after Phyna had insulted Princess. The intense celebrity feud shows no sign of ending.

In their latest exchange, Princess took a dig at Phyna. She pointed out how Phyna often mentions that Princess was evicted early from the Big Brother Nigeria show twice. Princess had enough and hit back by saying that if there were trophies for evictions, Phyna should also be prepared to take a trophy for abortions.

This feud began when Phyna made a controversial statement on her Instagram story. She claimed that any sexually active woman, except virgins, had committed abortion. Some netizens did not agree with this, as they believed not everyone had gone through that experience. Phyna stuck to her view, insisting that many women had indeed had abortions.

Princess then stepped into the conversation, saying that not everyone is like Phyna, and she shouldn’t involve others. As tensions rose, Princess didn’t hold back. She told Phyna that her Big Brother Nigeria win was a mistake, and that’s why she wasn’t invited back for the Big Brother Nigeria all-stars. She also mentioned that even if Phyna was selling herself, nobody would be interested.

Phyna, in response, brought up Princess’s eviction from the show, suggesting that if Princess had put in more effort, she could have stayed longer, at least until the seventh week.

Princess’s comeback was sharp. She told Phyna that if she took a trophy for eviction, she should be ready to claim a trophy for the most abortions.

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