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“I know one day Destiny Etiko will be vindicated” Netizens react as Luchy Donalds clashes with Chioma Nwaoha over their male colleague



Social media users are reacting to a report of Nollywood actresses, Chioma Nwaoha and Luchy Donalds being at war over their male colleague, IK Ogbonna.

Instagram blogger, Cutie Juls, revealed that Chioma Nwaoha had featured Ik Ogbonna in her movie, without informing her best friend, Luchy about it.

According to the blog, Chioma has been keeping her distance from Luchy after she dissed her former friend, Onyi Alex to her sugar daddy. To avoid Luchy doing the same to her, she has been hiding certain information about herself from her friend, which didn’t sit well with Luchy, who went around telling people about their deteriorating friendship.

The blogger claimed that Luchy had confronted Chioma over her secretive acts and why she didn’t inform her about casting IK Ogbonna in her movie. Chioma didn’t give any tangible explanation as to why she didn’t inform her and this left Luchy pissed, especially when she told her she was using the male actor in her own movie.

This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back for Luchy, who broke things off with her and told those who cared to listen that she couldn’t be best friends with someone who didn’t trust her.

The juicy story has left netizens talking with many pointing out how Luchy Donalds is fond of falling out with her friends.

One Porsche Creamy wrote, “Stop snitching. Stop snatching people’s own. Go find ur own. I pity Girls wey dey still take u as friends. Now we see why @destinyetiko unfriend u. @onyiialexx hold on to ur zaddy oo

One Achievable Kenneth wrote, “Please come and laugh small Biko. Nsogbu di na okpuru truck

One Igietsemh Estella wrote, “I know one day Destiny will be vindicated

One Official Ocean wrote, “I think that Luchy girl is a silent killer. She don get issues with all her friends. Hmmmm beautiful face dark soul

One Gozirim Nwa wrote, “I just checked now. They aren’t following each other again. No wonder Luchy no post Chioma when she bought a car even on her birthday

One Glow By Gold wrote, “Very dirty industry

One Angel McGill wrote, “I started noticing it weeks ai when Luchy didn’t congratulate Chioma when she bought her new car

One Real Chika wrote, “Asaba wahala”.

Kemi Filani reported in 2021 that Luchy Donalds had publicly lashed out at her colleague, Destiny Etiko over a comment she made as regards her shopping bags.

Luchy Donalds had gone on a shopping spree and flaunted some designer bags while affirming that she paid for the bags. However, social media users doubted her ability to purchase such designer bags and Destiny was one of them.

The two tore at each other after Destiny Etiko made a shady comment to her and Luchy fired back questioning the authenticity of her derriere.

The beef was reignited last year when Destiny flaunted the same bags Luchy bought and this left Luchy believing that Destiny was envious of her.

Luchy Donalds uploaded a video of her mocking the curvy actress and Destiny retaliated taking a dig at her.

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