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“I am not one to be fluttered” Ruth Kadiri issues out a PSA to film critics (Video)



Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri has sent a message to film critics.

The movie star, via a video posted on her Instagram page, told them she isn’t bothered by their analysis.

According to her, she has been getting lots of criticisms from people complaining about how predictable her movies her.

Making a comparison, Ruth Kadiri noted how Hollywood and other foreign movies are also predictable, yet people still watch them.

For her, despite her movies being predictable, it’s how she narrates it that matters.

“I have heard people say that they watched my movie and it was predictable. When you say the movie is predictable in your attempt to help me, you sound foolish. Because when you watch foreign movies and know the predict the end of the movie, you still watch it to the end regardless of being able to predict the end from the beginning.

In an attempt to tell complicated stories, that’s where we miss it. Why are you trying to complicate a life that’s not complicated? It’s how I tell the story that matters.

Writers, please stop trying to over-impress people. Life is already predictable”.

Ruth Kadiri captioned it with, “Film critics be doing the most. I’m not one to be fluttered by your analysis. This is my take on it”.


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Ruth Kadiri sends SOS alerts to Nollywood stars, screenwriters

This is coming just a few days after she sent an SOS alert to her colleagues and screenwriters, against making the lead cast take over a movie.

Ruth Kadiri made this plea on her Instagram page, where she begged the screenwriters to reduce the roles of the lead and make other casts important in a movie.

According to the mother of two girls, Nollywood screenwriters are fond of giving out 98 percent of a movie role to the lead, a move that does not bring improvement to the movie industry.

Ruth Kadiri also claimed there would be surrounded be less relevance for the supporting casts, rather the lead casts should be surrounded by different themes to improve other casts.

Ruth Kadiri speaks on calling as a Nollywood actress

While speaking on her calling as an actress, Ruth Kadiri spoke about creating her own landmark as a called Nollywood actress.

She shared beautiful photos of herself on her Instagram page with endearing words about her career as a filmmaker.

Ruth Kadiri disclosed that she learned to create her visual style as a woman and filmmaker and she shared her mind with the world through the lens.

Ruth Kadiri also revealed that she has seen hearts healed through her movies, and she found peace because she followed her purpose, which is filmmaking.

She wrote online, “As a woman and a filmmaker, I’ve learned to create my own visual style! To Share my mind with the world through my lens. And through God, I have seen hearts healed through my stories. It’s my purpose, and I’ve found peace with it”.

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