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“Hope you included your affair with your ex-friend’s husband” Stella Dimoko Korkus slams Yvonne Nelson over her accusation on Tonto Dikeh, spills her dirty secret



Blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus has slammed Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson over her accusations on Tonto Dikeh.

The Ghanaian movie star has been on the lips following the release of her memoir where she alleged that Tonto Dikeh was sleeping with her then-boyfriend, Iyanya among others.

Defending Tonto, Stella slammed her for cooking up lies against the controversial actress as she claimed her book is a lie.

Stella stated that there was never a time Tonto dated Iyanya as she slammed the movie star for targeting Nigerian celebrities to relaunch her career.

Hoping that Tonto doesn’t respond to Yvonne, Stella alleged that Yvonne slept with and got pregnant for her ex-friend’s husband.

Stella added that she did her investigation years back after their Twitter fight and there was no affair between the two.

“Dear Yvonne,
Your book is a lie from the pit of hell.
There was never a time that TONTO dated Iyanya like you claimed in the figment of imagination you call a book.

It’s been a long time and it’s a pity you targeted Naija celebs in your book but hey we all know doing what you have done is the fastest way to relaunch a sleeping career.

TONTO nah drama queen so u r banking on her response so that your book go sell out? I pray she ignores u totally and I pity those buying that compilation of fabricated lies.

Since you decide to go down memory lane, I hope say u include for the book say nah your ex-friend husband u pass back go born pikin for. I hope say u add am and explain for the book why you thief the man even though say Una don scatter.

You dey talk about cheating but forget say u sef cheat on the guy. Once again I say it with my full chest that TONTO and Iyanya were busy friendly and did not date but if you insist make u show us a photo of dem two for bed dey nack cos u must hold evidence for hand before u go print nonsense dey sell…

I did my investigation years back after the Twitter brouhaha and I am doing this to set the records correct. Abeg don’t export your lies from Ghana j to Naija, please!

Iyanya please don’t bother with another response na traffic to sell book she dey find!! God abeg!”.

How Iyanya cheated on me with Tonto Dikeh – Yvonne Nelson

trendytunez reported that Yvonne Nelson is currently on the lips of many with her memoir which offers an inside look to her personal life and several relationships.

The award-winning actress recounted her past relationship with Nigerian Afropop singer, Iyanya, and how he cheated on her with Tonto Dikeh.

Describing their relationship, Yvonne revealed that it was a dreamy one as Iyanya would always serve her breakfast in bed and had the assurance that her love for him was forever. Iyanya even took their love to the extreme when he tattoed her initials ‘YN’ on his wrist.

Unfortunately, their relationship hit the rocks after Yvonne got wind of his affair with Tonto Dikeh.

She claimed that she started receiving calls from an unknown person each time she left Iyanya’s place informing her that another actress, which happened to be Tonto Dikeh would visit and sometimes even spend the night.

She added that when she was convinced about their affair, she had gone on Twitter, with Tonto responding to her with, “People changed and so did feelings, so move on”.

Yvonne further added that she heard more stories about what Iyanya did with some of his female crew members which convinced her that what happened between him and Tonto wasn’t an isolated incident. It was a pattern, his way of life.

As such, she didn’t see the need to keep fighting for him especially when she knew Tonto would end up with a similar fate.

Iyanya reacts to Yvonne Nelson’s bombshell revelation

Reacting, Iyanya questioned why she was dishing out several pieces of information in her book.

Taking to his Instagram page, Iyanya shared an old clip of an interview Yvonne granted in 2013. In the interview, where she claimed Iyanya had other women aside from Tonto. She also used bloggers as an excuse for them not to go public whereas it was because he was seeing other women.

Captioning the video, Iyanya noted how the only thing he did was to live and not kill anyone.

“Area codes? Wow.
Na love I love, Na trust I trust.
So breakfast don belle full me”.

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