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“His time will come but the next 8 years is for Jagaban” Yul Edochie declares love for Peter Obi amid his newfound support for President Tinubu



Despite his love and support for the president of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie still has some fondness for his opponent, Peter Obi.

Recall that during the election, Yul Edochie, like the majority, was a proud supporter of Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, surprisingly the actor has switched sides to President Tinubu, following his election.

The father of five stated that despite his new fondness for Tinubu, he still has respect for Peter Obi and will never insult him.

He believes Peter is a great Nigerian and his time will come if God allows it. However, it is Jagaban’s time and the next 8 years are dedicated to him.

Yul remains assured that President Tinubu will fix Nigeria for the good of its citizens.

“I have a lot of respect for Peter Obi.
I will never insult him.
He’s a great Nigerian.
His time will come if God Almighty wills it. This time is for Jagaban.
The next 8 years are for President Tinubu. And within that time He will fix Nigeria for the good of all Nigerians”.

The divorcee, made headlines some weeks back, when he gave himself a new name as he unashamedly declared love for President Tinubu.

Proving how much he loves him, he shared a photo of him rocking a Tinubu-inspired outfit. The actor wore a native top, which had the face of the President on it.

Giving himself a new name, Yul called himself Asiwaju Baby as he unapologetically declared his undying love for him, while stating that he believes in him and is praying for him to succeed.

In another post, he declared that Tinubu has his support as he believes he is a man of wisdom.

He noted how as a leader, Tinubu has access to certain information that the citizens don’t have, hence, why some of his decisions may not be fully understood by the people.

His constant public endorsement of the president has certainly sparked a wave of reactions and discussions among Nigerians and netizens.

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