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“Carry your cross in peace” BBN’s Princess knocks Phyna over her comment on aborti0n



Big Brother Naija All-Stars ex-housemate Princess has stirred up a social media storm by clashing with fellow housemate Phyna over a heated debate on abortion.

Princess admonished Phyna, telling her to “learn to carry her cross in peace” after a series of controversial remarks.

The controversy began when a viral video showed Phyna stating that all women have undergone abortion, but she was the only one who openly admitted to it. This declaration ignited a passionate response, with many asserting that Phyna’s claim was too broad and shouldn’t be generalized to all women.

During a Q&A session on her Instagram story, Phyna further fueled the flames. She proclaimed that only virgins can consider themselves safe, going on to label Nigerians as hypocrites. She asserted that any woman using contraception methods, such as drinking Postino to avoid pregnancy, is essentially committing abortion. She extended this notion to include any other concoctions aimed at preventing conception. She concluded by expressing indifference to people’s reactions, suggesting they can cry as much as they want.

Phyna’s comments immediately attracted criticism, particularly her equating contraception with abortion. In response to this, Big Brother Nigeria’s Princess took a stance against her. Princess conveyed that it’s not necessary for everyone to agree with Phyna’s perspective and encouraged her to manage her beliefs without involving others.

This isn’t the first time Phyna has been embroiled in controversy. She previously hinted at an issue with Ilebaye, leaving fans puzzled about their relationship. Also, recall that just last week her attendance at an event with Bobrisky raised eyebrows, as her facial expression during their conversation prompted speculation, although Bobrisky clarified that her reaction was due to a dramatic story he was sharing.

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