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”Being intimate without marriage is fornication not dating” Solomon Buchi to unmarried couples



Writer and activist Solomon Buchi has once again ignited a firestorm of controversy with his outspoken views, this time focusing on the nature of intimacy and relationships.

Buchi’s recent statement has raised eyebrows and sparked intense debate, as he boldly stated that having sex before marriage is fornication, not dating.

Solomon Buchi is no stranger to addressing difficult to have conversations and offering his unique perspective. In the past, he has spoken out about various subjects, including relationships, smoking, and red flags within couples.

One recent conversation by SolomonBuchi centered around the idea that most Nigerian artists are cultists. This was aid in relation to the untimely passing of Mohbad.

In August, Solomon Buchi also shared some golden nuggets to couples-to-be, highlighting the sacrifices and considerations necessary for a successful marital journey. His advice included a suggestion that women are “never wrong” in marriage, emphasizing the importance of receptivity to partners’ perspectives.

In his latest message, Buchi’s focus shifted to the importance of recognizing certain behaviors as genuine red flags within relationships, rather than falling to emotional manipulation. He specifically addressed the subject of smoking and its implications for compatibility in a relationship.


One mercyayomikun had this to say,

“It seems a lot of Christians have forgotten this.”

One chiomaegboh22 had this to say,

“Nah, sex is not bad, when done by two grown consenting adults!Don’t come for me, I’m not religious!”

One angela_rex_01 had this to say,

“Whether he was a virgin before marriage doesn’t dispute what he said! The truth is the truth! It’s your choice to accept it. But here are people trying to justify their sin. No matter how you sugarcoat it, a sin is a sin. If you have fornicated before or you’re still fornicating, you are committing a sin! It’s fact! As long as you’re a Christian. Just negodu grown adults justifying their sinful ways. It’s not as if Solomon is flogging you. He is just letting us know again so we can stop it, ask for forgiveness from God and sin no more. There’s no gun to your head so if you chose not to adhere to the commandments, it’s fine. Keep up the sinful act. Toodles”

One deborah.obago had this to say,

“Were you a virgin before marriage? It’s a sin yes we know.”

One had this to say,

“ It’s different if you are struggling with that sin, but the way to freedom is to acknowledge that it is sin, ask the Holy Spirit for help to overcome and create the necessary boundaries and accountability system. Sugarcoating it will not help (Prov 28:13l)”

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