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“Barking dog” Princess humorously replies Phyna after being threatened with physical violence



In recent online drama, Big Brother Naija’s Princess and Phyna found themselves in a heated feud. Princess has hit back at Phyna calling her a barking dog.

“Barking dog. Chiwawa!!!”

This clash started when Phyna made a controversial statement on her Instagram story, claiming that every woman who used contraceptives or any method to prevent pregnancy was essentially an abortionist. She added that only those who had never engaged in sexual activity could claim otherwise, sparking outrage among many.

Princess, not one to hold back, swiftly responded to Phyna’s statement in the comment section. She advised Phyna to take responsibility for her own choices and not drag others into her viewpoint. Phyna, feeling attacked, retorted by accusing Princess of having a longstanding dislike for her and consistently targeting her with negative comments.

Princess, however, was not ready to back down. In a bold comeback, she told Phyna that if she wished, she could continue having abortions for all her pregnancies. This exchange of words between the two reality TV stars only fueled the fire of their feud.

Phyna then escalated the situation by alleging that Princess was using the feud as a means to gain attention and clout in the public eye. In response, Princess fired back, labeling Phyna as the “queen of abortions.”

As tensions flared, Phyna went a step further by threatening Princess on Twitter. She ominously mentioned that she hoped never to encounter Princess in person, hinting that she might resort to physical violence if such an encounter were to occur.

The intense exchange between Phyna and Princess has not gone unnoticed by their followers and fans. Many have expressed concern over the level of animosity and aggression displayed in their feud. It remains to be seen whether this online battle will come to an end or escalate further in the coming days.

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