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“Baba Agbako is old and delusional.”- Islamic cleric Jaqmal reacts to veteran actor Baba Agbako’s claims of being fuji singer Pasuma’s father



Islamic cleric Jaqmal has reacted to a video interview featuring veteran actor Charles Olumo popularly known as Baba Agbako who claimed to be the biological father of famous Fuji musician Pasuma.

In response to these claims, Jaqmal in a public lecture, expressed his thoughts on the matter, highlighting the potential complexities that arise when someone achieves fame and recognition.

He pointed out that Baba Agbako, remained silent for many years regarding his alleged paternity of Pasuma, and his sudden revelation may be driven by the challenges that have emerged for the musician.

The Islamic cleric raised concerns about the credibility of the claims made by Baba Agbako, citing the advanced age of the individual in question.

He noted that interviewing elderly individuals, particularly those over 100 years old, can sometimes result in delusional statements, as their cognitive faculties may not function as accurately as in their youth.

Part of his word read said: “I watched a video in which a man (Agbako) was interviewed, claiming to be the father of Pasuma. This man has kept silent for all these years and now says he’s the one who impregnated Pasuma’s mother.

I wondered what prompted him to speak out. One reason could be that when someone becomes famous, challenges may arise, and this seems to be what’s happening to Pasuma right now.

The man who claimed Pasuma as his son is quite old. In my opinion, the blame lies with the interviewer. Interviewing an elderly man, especially one who is over 100 years old, can lead to delusions, as their brains may not function properly.”

Watch him speak below:

Recall that the Baba Agbako has said he does not know whether he is the real father of the musician or not.

The actor made the submission while featuring on a live Radio Show anchored by Adesina Okikiola on Fresh 105.5fm, Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State on Wednesday afternoon.

When asked directly how this situation came to be, the actor initially did not want to comment.

He said “I really do not like talking about this. However, I will make it known here that Adijatu Kuburat’s very first child was mine and I named him Segun. However, the child did not live beyond a week before he died. I earlier met her at Abule Ogan in Ifo, Ogun State when we went for a performance.

After that, things became not too rosy for me and she left me briefly to be with my manager – that is the man that is now being publicly posted to be Pasuma’s father.

I will also say it here that Adijatu Kuburat did not exactly leave me because she still used to come to me to fraternize and frolic. It was during this period that she conceived and gave birth to Wasiu Alabi.”

So, “will you then say Pasuma is your son”, the Anchor of the Radio Show asked him.

Charles Olumo responded: “Well, I cannot say, it is only God that can say. I cannot say whether I am his father or not.”

It was at this point he was asked if he ever carried out a DNA test to confirm Pasuma’s paternity and he said ‘no’.

Baba Agbako was also asked if he ever discussed this issue of Pasuma’s paternity with Adijatu Kuburat, he said yes and that he told her that he is the musician’s father.

The actor was equally asked whether he had at any time broached the topic of his relationship with Pasuma.

His response: Yes, that was when he played active role during my 90th birthday. He said he was happy that he came from a reputable family.”

Watch the video below:

Pasuma lost his mother, Alhaja Adijat Kuburat Odetola, to the cold hands of death at the age of 84.

What further gave wings to the rumour years ago is the fact that Pasuma’s mother was once an actress in the Yoruba sector of the movie industry.

She once belonged to the late Moses Adejumo, popularly known as Baba Sala, theatre group. She featured in many films and movies and acted alongside the late Akin Ogungbe and others.

She attended movie locations with Pasuma as a toddler.

Besides, Agbako once dated Pasuma’s mum and at that point, played the role of a father figure to him.

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