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“Anyone saying Juju killed Mohbad is primitive” Speedy Darlington gives his 2 cents in a recent live video



The tragic passing of Mohbad has brought forth various speculations and controversies surrounding the circumstances of his demise.

While his father suggested that it could have from an injection given to him from an auxiliariary nurse due to an ear infection, other theories have emerged, suggesting that there might be more to the story.

Comedian and artist , Speedy Darlington, has now stepped forward to share his opinion on the matter. In response to rumors that Juju might have played a role in Mohbad’s death, Speedy Darlington vehemently dismissed such notions, calling them “primitive.”

Speedy Darlington revealed that someone had informed him that Mohbad might have been a victim of voodoo or Juju after a performance.

However, he expressed his skepticism by pointing out that Juju is typically associated with targeting wealthy individuals, and Mohbad was still a struggling artist.

In his words, he questioned, “How much did the boy have?”

It’s important to recall that amidst these speculations, a video emerged yesterday, showing Mohbad being harassed by Naira Marley’s aide, Sam Larry.

The video quickly went viral, showing Mohbad in what appeared to be a wheelchair alongside fellow artist Zlatan. Sam Larry was seen striking Mohbad from behind, with Zlatan eventually intervening in the situation.

This incident led to an outcry from fans of the late singer, who demanded an explanation from Naira Marley’s camp regarding the incident. Many called for accountability and justice for Mohbad.

Samklef, another figure in the entertainment industry, added to the conversation by stating that Naira Marley had no involvement in Mohbad’s passing. He spoke the importance of not making emotional judgments in such sensitive situations.

While the controversies mount, it remains important to await official findings and avoid jumping to conclusions based on rumors or primitive beliefs.

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